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Urns Hochgrab 

Area of application:
pet cemeteries


  • Can be used on small areas

  • Easy planting and cleaning of the surfaces

  • Ideally suited for people with physical disabilities

  • Partially accessible with a rollator


Urn plates with individual inscriptions and/or grave wood steles with glass panel and community inscriptions

Inner wall made of waterproof wood composite panels

Outer wall and support post in solid oak

Watertight sealing film in the plant and soil area

Screw and connection material in stainless steel

Version 1: 
Urns opening area 1.52m² (12 urns / as a partner grave (with tube) 24 urns)

Length 2.7m x 1.3m height 0.9m
Undercut 0.7m

Stainless steel rim 1.25mm x 150mm, alternatively 1.25mm x 200mm

Version 2: 
Urn opening area 2.64m² (22 urns / as partner grave (with tube) 44 urns)

Length 3.2m x 1.6m height 0.9m
Undercut 0.7m

stainless steel rim 1.25mm x 150mm,

alternatively 1.25mm x 200mm

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